The history of the library of faculty of sciences dates back to 1971 when this institute admitted students for teaching mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

It is currently located at the second floor of the faculty of sciences and features reading rooms, library, and administration office. This library has more than 32,500 resources in Persian and 14,000 in English. More than 140 Persian and 24 English scientific magazines are provided for interested students. MA and PhD students have submitted 1,500 theses to the library. The resources are mainly on chemistry, mathematics, physics, computer sciences, biology, and other related majors.

Members of the library are comprised of students, academic members, and staff of University of Kashan. Members can sign up the online library portal at to be able to access the resources of the library. Other references such as research projects conducted at this university, the dissertations, and plans of such researches are all available at this library.

Working Hours: Saturday to Wednesday – 7:30 to 18:00